Reviving the blog

Hi everyone,

A while ago I started this blog to give my thoughts on events taking place in the sporting world, but life started to get in the way and the blog went quiet…

Now things have settled down for me and I’m keen to get back into blogging. I’m fairly active on Twitter, often tweeting about Ipswich Town and football in general, as well as cricket, F1 and pretty much any other sport catches my attention, but the blog gives me an opportunity to offer some more considered thoughts.

I have a few ideas to get the ball rolling – for starters, I’ll write a weekly diary-style post on the various goings-on at Ipswich Town, with occasional longer posts when I want to dig deeper into a topic. Our performances and style of play at home have come under scrutiny recently, so I’ll be posting an analysis of our home results under Mick McCarthy later this week.

March doesn’t just mean that we’re getting to the crunch end of the football season – it also signals the start of the new Formula 1 season, with the new English domestic cricket season following shortly after. I’ll be looking ahead to both over the coming weeks, as well as the crucial last couple of months of the domestic football season. The world of sport is constantly moving and changing, so I’ll be reacting to events both on and off the field as they happen. Hope you enjoy!

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